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Your trusted partner in navigating the dynamic realm of Information Technology. As a leading IT consulting firm, we specialize in crafting tailored solutions that propel businesses forward.


Eddie Chung, CEO                          Tapan Rath, CTO

Our Services

Technology Strategy and Planning


Evaluate the existing IT infrastructure, identifying strengths and weaknesses

Strategic Planning

Develop a roadmap for IT that aligns with business goals and objectives

System Integration

Integration Services

Seamlessly integrate new technologies with existing systems


Ensure efficient communication and data flow between diverse software and hardware components


Security Assessment

Evaluate and enhance the security posture of an organization's IT infrastructure

Incident Response

Develop plans and procedures to respond effectively to cybersecurity incidents

Data Management and Analytics

Data Strategy

Develop strategies for collecting, storing, and utilizing data effectively

Business Intelligence

Implement tools and processes for data analysis to derive valuable insights

Cloud Computing

Cloud Migration

Assist in moving applications and data to cloud platforms

Cloud Optimization

Optimize cloud resources for cost efficiency and performance

Managed IT Services

IT Support

Provide ongoing technical support and troubleshooting for IT issues

Network Management

Monitor and manage network infrastructure for optimal performance

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